Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy the images of my craft shown here.

I work primarily in silver and my jewelry designs are influenced by the lovely area I live in, the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California, and the local seashore. The sights from my workbench window are reflected in most pieces I make. They can be discerned in the bird designs, the tree pieces and in the surfaces and textures of all my work. I also enjoy the play of the organic shapes against the geometric forms of my jewelry.

I have always loved creating art. I am most happy when I get to make or paint frequently.  My training, at Crawford College of Art in Ireland, was as a fine art painter and printmaker, and over the years I have also taught art and illustrated. I came to work in silver when my children were babies, for practical reasons. I could return to my work, in a few minutes, or a few days, without the paint drying, or the materials changing and deteriorating in any way. I came to really enjoy the three dimensional, tactile element of working in silver, and the design challenges the medium poses. The size and scale invites intimacy, and the slow steady nature of the work can be quite relaxing and at times therapeutic (like I said, I have young kids...).

As my work is handcrafted, there is nothing impersonal or machine made about the jewelry. Each piece is unique. Being handmade, I can tweak a design, change the size, or add an element to an existing composition to make it more representative of an individual wearer or store. I particularly enjoy working on commissioned pieces, designed for or with the person who will wear them.

Please browse my web site, and I really would enjoy reading your feedback should you care to contact me.


Helen O’Dea